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Swords & Wizardry Core Rules Reference Sheets (pdf)

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Speed up your game!

The Swords & Wizardry Core Rules Reference Sheets provide ready access to the charts, tables and summary information for a Game Referee to run wilderness and dungeon adventures. No need to flip through a rulebook when you can have all the information you need in an easy to use digest format!

These sheets, formatted for convent digest printing on 8.5x11 (US letter) paper, combine existing Open Game Content from Swords & Wizardry Core Rules - 3rd printing, David Bowman's Monster by CL lists, and brand new content for wilderness encounters and revamped Treasure Generation tables. The PDF also includes basic booklet printing instructions.

This accessory is inspired by the set of Reference Sheets that came with the original 1974 fantasy roleplaying game.

List of tables included:

Class Info/Statistics up to 10th level
Attack Rolls for Characters and Monsters
Basic Equipment List (including weapons/armor)
Movement Info
Turning Undead
Cleric Spells
Magic User Spells
Monsters (all from Core Rules plus a couple of new monsters)
XP Values by CL
Monster Dungeon Encounters
Monsters by CL Levels
Wilderness Encounters (new content)
Wilderness Encounter Types and subtables (new content)
Treasure Tables and Generation (revamped/simplified/clarified)

Print these sheets, stick them in your pocket or book bag and go play some games!


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