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First Edition Dungeon Crawls: Secret of Smuggler’s Cove (print)

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First Edition Dungeon Crawls: The Secret of Smuggler's Cove 

The coastal village of Fair Haven is in need of aid! For decades, Fair Haven has relied upon its lighthouse to guide merchant vessels into port. But more recently, the lighthouse failed to light up the coastline during a violent storm and the trading ship Nymph’s Kiss was dashed upon the rocks, sinking to the murky depths. The lighthouse needs to be repaired, but the locals are too frightened of the vengeful spirits that haunt the tower. And then there are the sea caves, beneath the lighthouse tower itself…
Features include:
  • A double cardstock cover with 'classic blue' maps and all new cover art
  • Five levels of adventure with 56 keyed map locations, which lead the PCs through the hidden mysteries of Smuggler's Cove.
  • Three player handouts that help decipher the adventure's secrets.
  • Stats and background material for the village of Fair Haven and its prominent NPCs.


An adventure for Player Character levels 5-7

Writer: Chris Doyle 
Cover Artist: Jason Braun 
Cartographer: Andrew Claren

BBP1007, 36 pages, two 17" x 8.5" cardstock covers, $16.00 US 

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